June 20, 2016
UAB Lewben Investment Management begins distributing Craftstone Capital Appreciation Fund units

UAB Lewben Investment Management, the fund management company that is part of the Lewben Group, has started distributing the investment units of its first fund. Craftstone Capital Appreciation Fund (CCAF) is an investment fund for informed investors that is managed according to a unique strategy developed by Marius Vaičiulis, member of the Lewben Investment Management team. The fund invests in shares with sustainable price changes.

The driving force of the Craftstone strategy is the “learning” algorithm allowing for risk management and achieving results that have only minor correlations with capital markets.

“This is the appropriate time for this launch: markets are now highly volatile and lack stability. Both modelling and real-life trading experience show that in these conditions the strategy is able to ensure positive outcomes, which is the best argument for potential investors,” said Ruslanas Andrejevas, manager of CCAF.

CCAF monitors the most liquid corporate shares, with daily turnover amounting to at least USD 10 million. The fund managers analyse approximately 140 different shares, most of which (110) are traded on US stock exchanges and the remaining in Western Europe.

According to Mr Andrejevas, the fund has an automatic loss-limitation system in place and will cover an average of 30 different shares.

Since the fund is intended for informed investors, only professional investors and individuals and legal entities that confirm their informed investor status will be able to become clients. The minimum investment amount is EUR 125,000. More information about CCAF and its incorporation documents and prospectus can be found at www.crafstone.lt.

The Bank of Lithuania issued a licence for managing collective investment undertakings incorporated pursuant to the Law on Collective Investment Undertakings for Informed Investors to Lewben Investment Management on 12 November 2015.

Lewben Group is an international group providing finance and tax consultancy, asset, investment, contract and business management consultancy, and finance management and accounting services. Lewben Group has offices in Vilnius, Nicosia, London, and Amsterdam. Lewben Art Foundation is the administrator of a representational collection of artworks that includes the works of Lithuanian and foreign artists from the late 18th century to the present day.

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