August 8, 2016
Craftstone Capital Appreciation Fund earned a 1.75% return over the first month of operation

Fund management company UAB Lewben Investment Management of the Lewben Group’s first fund, the Craftstone Capital Appreciation Fund (CCAF), has earned a 1.75% return over its first month of operation, i.e. July, with its net asset value amounting to EUR 2,442 million. CCAF is an investment fund for informed investors that is managed according to a unique strategy developed by the Lewben Investment Management team. The fund is investing in shares or related derivatives with sustainable price changes.

The driving force of the Craftstone strategy is the “learning” algorithm, allowing for risk management and achieving results that have only minor correlations with capital markets.

‘The fund began operation at a very strange time. Even though markets are not usually very active in summer, this year brought a large number of external factors, such as Brexit, upheaval in Turkey, and uncertainty related to the presidential election in the USA. On the other hand, the atmosphere in the markets was rather optimistic at that time, and therefore investments in companies from the raw materials sector proved to be successful. Thus, we can say that the fund started rather safely but it didn’t prevent us from gaining a solid return’, said Ruslanas Andrejevas, CCAS fund manager.

CCAF monitors the most liquid corporate shares, with daily turnover amounting to at least USD 10 million. The fund managers analyse approximately 140 different shares, most of which (110) are traded on US stock exchanges and the remaining in Western Europe.

Since the fund is intended for informed investors, only professional investors and individuals and legal entities that confirm their informed investor status will be able to become clients. The minimum investment amount is EUR 125,000. Before making any investments, we strongly encourage you to get acquainted with the CCAF regulations, brochure, applicable fees, and other important information available on the company’s website at

The Bank of Lithuania issued a licence to Lewben Investment Management for managing collective investment undertakings incorporated pursuant to the Law on Collective Investment Undertakings for Informed Investors on 12 November 2015.

CCAF’s return was calculated after assessing all applicable fund fees.

Historical results are for informational purposes only and do not guarantee equivalent results in the future.

About Lewben Group

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