March 15, 2017
Lithuanian investment fund begins to operate in the United States

Audrius Žiugžda

Investment fund Craftstone Fund LP established by Craftstone Capital LLC fund Management Company, owned by the Lewben Group’s companies started to operate in the United States in March 2017. The fund has attracted initial capital and will soon make its first investment, according to the fund manager Marius Vaiciulis.
“Our operations in the US market is a logical step forward. A year ago we established Craftstone Capital Appreciation Fund designed for the Lithuanian market while continuing to manage SMAs for selected clients abroad. We believe that Craftstone investment strategy’s proprietary self-learning algorithms make it stand out among competitors and helped the strategy to generate positive returns in every calendar year since inception in 2014. This coupled with our professional team makes an attractive proposition to export our product to other markets. In particular, to the US market with deep knowledge of machine learning strategies and a large pool of investment capital”, said the fund manager Marius Vaiciulis.
Craftstone Fund LP is for accredited investors or qualified purchasers. The fund invests in shares with long-term trends either on the up or down side. According to the fund manager, the main competitive advantage of the investment strategy is a self-learning algorithm enabling effective risk management thereby achieving results with little correlation to capital markets. The main aim of the strategy is to attain high returns by managing risks in both rising and falling markets. The strategy is fully automated.
“We invest in highly liquid stocks with the average daily turnover of at least 10 million USD. This allows us the flexibility to cut our losses early without impacting the price too much ”, said the fund manager M. Vaiciulis.
According to him, the fund portfolio has over 30 well-diversified stock positions on average. At the moment, 140 different stocks are on the investment horizon ranging from biotechnology, telecommunications to energy and consumer goods. The majority of these are listed on the US stock exchanges with the rest coming from Western Europe.
“We made the next step of international development at a time when the growth of global capital markets dictates a need to try new investment methods. Craftstone is one of the most technologically advanced instruments and after receiving strong interest from foreign investors so far we expect this positive momentum to continue”, said the manager of Craftstone Capital LLC Audrius Ziugzda.

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